KELLY SLATER vinner årets første ASP konkurranse på FCS

Åtte ganger verdensmester, Kelly Slater vant årets første ASP konkurranse på et FCS K2.1 finne sett.

Kelly Slater wins the Quiksilver Pro riding FCS

Eight times World Champion Kelly Slater has once again proven he is the man to beat by winning the Quiksilver Pro on Australia’s Gold Coast. Kelly defeated the reigning World Champion Mick Fanning in the final that produced high scoring rides and an impressive display of modern day performance surfing.

Kelly’s equipment played a major role in capturing the win. In a move that proved to be advantageous Kelly rode a board slightly shorter and wider than his normal 6’1 shortboard. Complimented by his signature K2.1 fins, the set up proved to be a winning combination. Showing no signs of slowing down Kelly looked in complete control producing effortless speed and some spectacular maneuvers on the high performance waves of Snapper Rocks.

“My boards were going really well throughout the event. I was riding an 6´1″ with my K2.1 set up; the combo was perfect for the waves on offer. I had the speed and drive when I needed it, and instantaneous response in the tight sections”.

While most of the focus and attention was on Mick Fanning, Taj Burrow and Joel Parkinson, Kelly steadily made his way to the final. Along the way he was forced to produce some explosive performances as he came up against fellow FCS teammates Adriano De Souza and Jeremy Flores. Each match-up was a close and high scoring affair with all surfers pushing themselves to the limit.

FCS Brand Ambassador Richie Lovett was on hand at the event and remarked, “It was amazing to watch, Kelly was producing so much speed and he simply attacked every section on every wave he rode. He looked explosive and fast and that’s what the judges want to see”.

The win marks yet another milestone for Kelly who has never won the Quicksilver Pro while the event has run at Snapper Rocks.

“I’ve never won the Quicksilver Pro while it’s been at Snapper Rocks, I won a few years back when it was at Duranbar but I’ve always wanted to win it here. It’s been in the back of my mind for a while so the win is pretty satisfying”.

Kelly has placed himself firmly in the box seat to challenge for World Title number 9. With 35 WCT event wins under his belt and nothing more to prove he now has everyone guessing if he will turn up to the next event at Bells Beach.

The FCS system was ridden by 50% of the World Championship Tour surfers during the Quicksilver Pro. FCS is dedicated to supplying high quality products to the world’s best surfers.

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