Plan B skateboards er tilbake!

Det er kun en liten håndfull skate-brands som fremdeles sender godfrysninger nedover ryggen på oldtimere når navnet nevnes. Hos de fleste finnes Plan B øverst på denne listen, kanskje sammen med Powel Peralta, H-Street og Vision? Det som er så kult NÅ er at Danny Way og Colin McKay sammen med Syndrome Distribution og Sal Barbiér revitaliserer gamle Plan B.

Det beste av det beste er at brettene blir å finne i alle SrfSnoSk8 butikkene i slutten av Mai. Til å begynne med kun hos oss, men etterhvert også i alle landets feteste Sk8 butikker. Sjekk ut teamet!!!! Allerede oppe og går, og flere skatere er på vei over hvis vi skal tro på ryktene fra Statene!

Her er pressemeldingen fra Plan B i sin helhet:

IMMEDIATE RELEASE: San Diego, California – March 25, 2005

After countless rumors and endless speculation, Danny Way and Colin McKay, in association with Syndrome Distribution, proudly present the official relaunch of Plan B Skateboards and the new Plan B team.

Originally founded in 1991 by Mike Ternasky, Plan B Skateboards was one of the most influential skateboard companies of the decade. After Mike’s tragic death in 1997, Danny and Colin took ownership of the brand. Focused more on skateboarding than running a company, Danny and Colin decided to temporarily shelf the brand… until now.

Remembered most for their innovative and ground breaking video production, cutting edge videos were always highly anticipated from Plan B and the brand looks to keep the tradition alive with it’s list of new recruits. In addition to Danny Way and Colin McKay the new line up consists of PJ Ladd, Paul Rodriguez and Ryan Gallant.

Colin McKay “I’m exited to fire Plan B back up. It has the same feel as the first time around. I feel like this is good for skateboarding.”

Danny Way “There’s a lot of things that the original Plan B stood for above and beyond just a skateboarding brand. Our buddy and original Plan B Owner Mike (Ternasky) instilled a lot of good stuff in our heads as kids, and there’s a lot of stuff that we learned from the company. Colin and I are trying to be tight with the team and help manage them, give them the right advice, and hopefully be able to install some stuff that will give these guys some longevity in their careers”

“I wanted to be a part of something fresh and redo history” says Paul Rodriguez.

The brand’s new direction will be in the hands of former Plan B pro Sal Barbier “It’s the opportunity I’ve always wanted and with the new roster it makes it all the better.”

Syndrome will be handling the manufacturing and distribution end of the brand. Syndrome President Rob Mertz says “Plan B was one of the companies that changed skateboarding. There aren’t too many companies that can claim that. In 2005, Plan B will change skateboarding again and it is exciting to be involved with a group of guys that have the ability to do that.”

“I’m sure Ternasky would be proud to see his legacy lived on through this group of riders. It’s great to be a part of it again.” says Dave Andrecht, who was part of the original Plan B and is currently Syndrome’s Sales Director.

Plan B Skateboards – Danny Way, Colin McKay, Paul Rodriguez, Ryan Gallant, PJ Ladd

Plan B
Sal Barbier – brand/team manager
Alfred Hawkins – art director

Rob Mertz – president
Dave Andrecht – sales director
Mark Wiehl – marketing director
Jason Maxwell – team manager

1410 Vantage Ct. Vista, CA 92081 760.560.0440

Link til Plan B
(Sidene er ikke oppe ennå, men legg den til favoritter!)

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