Teamrider Lisa Wiik med hilsen og bilder fra Burton European Open.

Nå sitter jeg på flyplassen i Zurich og venter på å dra hjemmom en tur. Har vært på Burton European open denne uka. Såå mye bra kjøring. Det ble 10. plass i slopestyle og fall i pipe… Men føler meg i så god form i år, det er en god følelse. Har lært inn nye ting i treninga her og gleder meg til å få inn de i neste konkurranse…

… Neste helg skal jeg faktisk kjøre en FIS konkurranse i Italia. Gleder meg til å kjøre pipe igjen. SÅ trenger jeg FIS poeng siden jeg ikke har kjørt på 1 år…

Noen ord fra Burton European Open:

The Burton European open 2008 is already over. Laax was packed with snowboarders from all over the world, and the Roxy team was gathered!

I had a fun week with a lot of riding. It’s really hard on you body to ride everyday, but the weather and the good conditions made me enjoy every second of it. I actually had some progress on my riding too, because of all the training in the slopestyle course. I got the grab on my bs 540 which has been a goal since the Chicken jam before Christmas. It was such a good feeling☺
Now I think I will be able to grab the same on my 720. Cant wait to try it. I landed my 2nd run in the Semi finals and got 10th with that. So I will need to put my 720 in the run to be in the finals next time.

The pipe final was on Friday, and I had to watch it from the sideline because I fell in my piperun in the semi finals. Anyway…Wow, what a final. It was almost like watching the Olympics. The guys were incredible. Going so huge! The girls too, like Kelly and Torah! They both inspired me in their own way. Torah bright was doing some incredibly technical runs and was stepping up the girls riding so much. I really like how difficult her tricks are getting and she’s getting so much respect from all the riders up there including the guys. She was only just beaten by Kelly Clark who was going as big or if not bigger than some of the guys.

I am already looking forward to the next contest. I think we will see more and more technical tricks thrown down, even from me;)
That’s all for now.

Lisa Wiik ☺

Lisa og Alexis titter på slopestyle.


Torahs stylish air to fakie.

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