Fantaic sine brett for 2006 har fått flotte resultater i flere tester. Så Fanatics shaper Sebastian Wenzel har grunn til å smile om dagen. Hans nyinnkjøpte CAD maskin som brukes til å shape 2006 brettene har gitt avkastning. Vi har i butikkene allerede flere 2006 modeller på plass og mer kommer.


Fanatic New Wave 69
Windsurfers 03/2005 (Germany):

“…Easy speed and a straight feeling. Also works good in choppy conditions and gusts…. On the wave you can make the turn over the whole rail without cutouts losing speed… In any case a very successful new edition, will be especially fun for wave-freaks which are looking for a fast and straight Waveboard…”

Fanatic New Wave 75 TEST FAVOURITE!!!
Windsurf 09/2005 (UK):

“…The NewWave 75 is a simply stunning board with a level of control and ease that belies the electric potential. Ideal for riders of all abilities that are keen to push their limits in waves, it comes highly recommended…”

Fanatic New Wave 81 TEST FAVOURITE!!!
Windsurf 09/2005 (UK):

“…the NewWave 81 specialists wave tool, with a level of ease and user-friendlyness to match its awesome performance capacity. Whatever your weight or ability, if you´re looking to give your wave riding a boost, you´d be hard pushed to find a better candidate…”

Fanatic Free Wave 98
Planchemag 280/2005 (France):

“…Nervous at the first contact, feels like a fat waveboard… Fast on flat water, FW really makes the difference in waves and offers the best carving of this test! Very stable in bottom turns and great acceleration in slack waves: great qualities for an excellent onshore waveboard, also sideshore for heavy guys.” The +: Carving, lightness under feet, reactivity, surf, speed…”

Fanatic Free Wave 78
Windsurfers 04/2005 (Germany):

“…No matter which sail size you use – this board always reacts super fast and active. …Manoeuvers work without delay fast and easy on any impuls… …A very early planing and direct Wave/Freestyleboard. A fast Allroundboard for leight sailors as well as a nice small Funboard for heavier sailors will have fun in sideshore conditions with!…”

Fanatic Free Wave 78 NEW
Planchemag 282/2005 (France):

“…+ Great planing, acceleration, upwind speed, overall surfing abilities, perfect for jumping, super weight!… …Top planing for 78 liter, great acceleration, high speed and great upwind abilities. Through its compact shape the 78 is perfect for on shore conditions or choppy water. A very good high wind “style/free/wave” board to go riding on every spot from force 4-5 – great on shore feeling…”

Fanatic Free Wave 98
Windsurf 11-12/2005 (UK):

“…Combining ease and practicality with masses of accessible performance, the FreeWave 98 is a fun and exciting board to use, particularly in a marginal wave environment, where its carving potential can be fully appreciated!…”

Fanatic Free Wave 78 TEST FAVOURITE!!!
Windsurf 09/2005 (UK):

“…Happy at any capacity, the FreeWave is a stunning versatile high wind platform, handling any sea state and enabling the rider to make the most of any conditions. It comes very highly recommended by us!…”

Fanatic HAWK 95
Planchemag 275/2005 (France):

“…Super fast and easy planing, the Hawk develops the fastest acceleration ever. It’s ultra fast and better than the others in pure performance. Super manoeuvrable, the Hawk is also amazing to jibe, safe curves and excellent feeling. Sportive freeriding, more free than a Slalom board, with very high performances. A very special board…”

Boards 05/2005 (UK):

“…A great blasting-orientated allrounder which can, at a pinch, be used with sails down to 5.5, but can also go up to as much as 8.0m if used with a bigger fin. Don_t be put off by the SuperX marketing – this board offers great intermediate appeal as a slalomy freerider and is also a very good super-heavyweight_s fast-tail allrounder. Recommended…”

Fanatic HAWK 110
Wind March 287/2005 (France):

“…Revolutionary design for a new trend! Stable and safety at start, it is very approachable for everybody. Starts planing immediately, quick acceleration and you have a big control under the back foot to pilot the board like you want. The footstrap position and the dome deck are very comfortable… Jibes are very easy…

Fanatic HAWK 110 NEW
Planchemag 283/2005 (France):

“ …Early planing, easy performance, free feeling, perfect upwind/speed abilities, small jumps in light wind… …Very good planning characteristics, feels almost like a Slalomboard. Very fast – even in light wind; excellent upwind features. Fast in jibe carving, this “turbo freerider” delivers all its potentiel for a +75 kg sailor – a real “planning bullet”…”

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