Fanatic teamseilere midt i jordskjelvet i Chile.

De to teamseilerene Klaas & Victor hadde sitt livs skumleste opplevelse da de befant seg midt i jordskjelv området i Chile. Les oppsummeringen deres. Store dønninger er bare peanøtter mot dette!

The eartquake hit Chile very very bad and Fanatic rider Klaas Voget and Victor Fernandez are there for training at the moment and had the worst esperience in their lifes…

Klaas was alone in Matanzas when the eartquake hit Chile at 3.34 am in the morning. It stopped after 2 minutes and he saw the Tsunami wave (it was full moon) taking down the Hotel Surazo in the village, some cars and more… Victor was still in Santiago when it happened, as he arrived the night before and stayed at a friends house at the 6th floor with 22 floors total. The house was shaking back and force. It was really scary and everybody was in panic. All roads, bridges, etc. broke down on the way from Santiago to Matanzas and the gas stations can´t pump gas anymore. There is also no more drink water and electricity. Klaas and Robby Swift drove to Santiago yesterday, but it was not so easy to get there. The roads were all blocked or completely broken and the guy at the gas station had to pump the gas by hand and filled in bottles, so after 2 hrs. they finally had 15l diesel which was enough to get to Santiago.
Santiago feels quite save and is almost back to normal. The city looks with a few damaged bridges and damaged buildings not quite as bad as the small villages on the coast. Also the moment ranges after the earthquake were much smaller than in the small villages at the coast.

Klaas, Victor and Robby will now get the most important things for themselves and the people in the village and go back to Matanzas to help renovating and cleaning the place. Hopefully electricity and water will be back the next days, but it´s not sure.

Robby Swifts brother made an account for all who want to help the people in and around the small village Matanzas, here´s the link:
Thanx in advance to all who like to help…

Victor and Klaas:
“This is the worst experience we had ever lived in our live and we are lucky to be alive…”.

So are we and we wish them all the best for the next days…